This past Sunday marked the five-year anniversary, or vegan-versary, of the start of my vegan journey (and my mother’s as well; happy vegan-versary!)  Celebrating the milestones of a cruelty-free lifestyle is always exciting because it reminds us both of how far we have come and our continuing progress as vegans. These occasions also […]

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During an online question-and- answer session on Facebook this past Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden added a level of complexity to the nation’s already extraordinarily muddled gun control debate. Although spearheading recent gun control proposals, Biden stated, and then reiterated, his advice for individuals to protect themselves and their property: “Buy a shotgun”. Biden’s defense […]


As interest in veganism and vegetarianism increases, colleges and universities have started to adapt their menus and meal selections to accommodate increasingly ethically and environmentally-aware students. As a college-age vegan, I can thank my university, The University of Connecticut, for making vegan options available daily in each of its eight dining units. Many of the […]


At the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Psychiatry Chair Ned H. Kalin, M.D. is removing newborn rhesus monkeys from their mothers and putting them in isolation for the first seven weeks of their lives. He plans to expose the infant monkeys to numerous frightening experiences, including being in close […]


The United States has the highest civilian gun ownership in the world. Statistics dictate that with as many firearms available, technically one American each can hold a gun. However, the reality is that most civilians who do own firearms tend to own two or more, as wrote Jill Lepore in The New Yorker. In 2011, […]


It seems like it was just yesterday that I was penning an article about the Aurora, Colorado shooting this past July. Sadly, five months later, another tragedy lies in our wake. Gunman Adam Lanza first shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, in her home before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where she […]


Supreme Court Will Rule on DOMA and Proposition 8

by Andrew Arslan December 7, 2012

The United States Supreme Court has announced that it will review the federal government’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in the state. After a string of victories for proponents of marriage equality in the United States following a historic election for the gay rights movement, where same-sex […]

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Glenn Beck Channels Andres Serrano with Wannabe Shock Art “Piss Obama”

by Andrew Arslan November 28, 2012

In 1987, artist Andres Serrano released one of the most controversial works of art that has been labeled as “Shock Art.” His photograph, titled Piss Christ, is an image of a plastic crucifix, which Serrano placed in a glass that contained his own urine. Although the work became extremely controversial for its supposed blasphemous theme […]

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Is Eating Organic Better for You?

by Courtnay Glatter November 28, 2012

Scientists and nutritionists have long debated the importance and health benefits that eating organic begets. According to the Organic Consumer’s Association, eating organic foods, especially raw fruits and vegetables, offers a substantial amount of benefits that eating non-organic does not; so, is eating organic better for you? The Association reports that organic produce contain higher […]

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Climate Change: Rising Sea Levels to Change Future Maps

by Andrew Arslan November 17, 2012

Climate change can already be attributed to rising sea levels across the planet but it will soon be attributed to why maps had to be redrawn. Rising sea levels are set to impact coastal communities and major metropolitan areas across the world; even entire nations are threatened by rising sea levels.  Small island-nations such as […]

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